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2021 Package Bee Orders

Published Thursday, January 14, 2021

package beesWillBees does not sell package bees. We are making this information about others who do sell package bees available to you as a convenience. All orders, payments, and questions must be directed to the sellers themselves. Sellers will be added at their request. Last updated 14-Jan-2021.

A few general notes about package bees: Unless otherwise specified, they usually come from California, through Wisconsin. They are usually Italian. Cages typically become your property and there is no deposit or refund for their return. Delivery dates can vary from mid March to late May. Work with your seller regarding notification and pickup windows. Because bees are livestock, once you take possession, they are yours and any failure to thrive or loss is usually your responsibility.

Andy Koning, WillBees Member - Homer Glen, IL

  • I will taking bee orders again stating Jan 1st. thru April 1st prepaid. 3lb packages at $137 each of Italian, Carniolan and Buckfast. Extra queens are $35. Prepaid delivery will be at Will county Farm Bureau parking lot in the afternoon of the same day around the middle of April. Send payment and a contact phone number to:
    Andy Koning
    13536 w Bruce rd.
    Homer Glen, Il 60491
  • I will call everybody the night before I pick them up, if you can not make try to make arrangement to get them or get them at my house the next day.
    If you have any question email or call 815-545-4110


Dave Meyer, WillBees Member – Minooka, IL

  • 3 pound package bees from our Georgia bee yards with mated and laying Italian queen @ $125, queen marking available @ $5 (multiple pickup days in March, April, May and beyond)
  • 5 frame nucs built from splits at Minooka apiary with mated and laying marked Italian queen, 2-3 frame brood, 1-2 frames honey/pollen @ $165
  • Queens from local survivor stock available spring, summer and fall from our queen mating yard in Minooka (all queens are marked) @ $35
  • Several races of package bees, nucs and queens available including:  Italian, Carniolan, Russian, Saskatraz and local Meyer Bees stock – contact me for details.
  • New for 2021 we have local native pollinator Mason Bees and Leafcutter Bees available as well as wooden houses, nesting reeds and blocks, mason clay, tools and other items you might need
  • Beekeeping supply showroom in Minooka IL is open 7 days a week 10 am to 6 pm and has a complete selection of hive equipment, tools, clothing, feed items,  treatments, books, honey containers, extracting equipment and lots more!   All items can be purchased onsite at the showroom.
  • Contact dave@meyerbees.com or 815-521-9116 or visit www.meyerbees.com

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