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Newsletter 2011-06-28

Published Tuesday, June 28, 2011 6:00 am

Upcoming Association Meetings for 2011

Sun. July 17, 2PM picnic at the Koening residence (see below).

Wed. September 21, 7PM at the Will County Farm Bureau.

Wed. November 16, 7PM at the Will County Farm Bureau.

Illinois State Fair Honey Competition

Realizing that our club is too new to have made plans for this year's Illinois State Fair, the Cook DuPage Beekeepers Association has extended an opportunity to our members who wish to participate in the honey competition. The event takes place August 12-21 in Springfield. Interested parties should contact Terry Breen via email: puma1cat@aol.com

Illinois State Fair Website

Honey Competition Rules

Cook-DuPage Beekeepers Association

Picnic and Meeting, Sunday July 17


Starting at 2PM at the Koening residence:
13536 Bruce Rd., Homer Glen, IL 60491.
The party will keep going until everyone has gone home.

Provided food includes cupcakes, cookies and potato salad.

Please bring food for your own group to eat, and a dish to pass around. There will be a lit grill in operation. Bring lawn chairs if you don't want to sit in the grass. Beverages you enjoy (including beer, if that's your preference.) Tip money to help cover costs of the picnic, if you are so inclined. If you are able to stay late, volunteers are needed for clean up duty. A bonfire will be available if you have anything to help fuel it.

Honey extraction equipment will be available and used during a demonstration. If you would like to have your honey extracted, bring your frames (any size) and sufficient jars to hold the honey.

Attendance is open to anyone with an interest in bees.

RSVP on our website if you are attending. RSVP's close on Thursday July 7.

Report From The Field

A few of our members attended the IL State Beekeepers Summer Meeting in Champaign this past Saturday. The cost was $15 per person and the consensus was that it was incredibly educational and a great value. A very brief summary of speakers and events:

  • The small hive beetle by Jon Lawislak: What it is, where it came from, how to recognize it, its disruptive habits, and management techniques.
  • Nutritional aspects of honey by May Berenbaum: How honey is made at the chemical level, changing opinions of the health benefits of honey over sugar during the last several decades, interesting facts about bees.
  • The Pollinatarium: A free standing exhibit/museum devoted to all things dealing with pollination including education about bees, examples of beekeeping equipment, and an 8-frame observation hive.
  • 38 Years as a Migratory Beekeeper by Larry Bergman: The complications and rewards, and some entertaining stories. Also insights into mite control and using what you have handy.
  • Bee Pass by Paul Tenczar: Tracking honey bee activity with tiny RFID chips glued to their backs.
  • Bee Genetics by Jon Lawislak: Queens have 32 chromosomes, drones have 16. A queen will mate with 10 drones on average, and her fatherless worker bees will contain 32 chromosomes out of a possible 35,000+ possible combinations.

For sale and Wanted Forum

Now on our website, we have a For Sale and Wanted forum, to help beekeepers find and sell items and services.

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Association Meetings


Meetings are 7-9pm at:
Will County Farm Bureau
100 Manhattan Rd
Joliet, IL 60433
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