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Newsletter 2011-04-05

Published Tuesday, April 5, 2011 6:00 am

The next scheduled meeting of the Will County Beekeepers Association will be Wednesday May 18th, at the Farm Bureau Office.

Tony Gedritis has offered to present a hands on demonstration of installing packaged bees in Wilmington on or about April 16th. This hands on experience is geared towards first year beekeepers. Tony will be working as a bee wrangler putting together packages and transporting them to his apiary, the week before installing them. If you are interested in attending this event please register on our website. Space is limited. He will send you directions and time. You must have a veil and proper clothing — no shorts or open shoes.

I received the Kelly E newsletter last week and found it quite interesting here is a link April Kelly newsletter

I received the following email which may be of interest to members– this is not an endorsement.

Hi Michael,

I am a beekeeper in Dwight, IL, fairly close to Kankakee, but am a member of the HOI Beekeepers association. In April I will be driving down to McDonough, GA to pick up some 5 frame russian nucs from Barnett Apiaries. They are open mated with an attempt to saturate with Russian drones. The breeder queens are from RHBA members Charlie Harper and Carl Webb. I was very happy with the russian bees I got four years ago (though not from this source) and still have some of those hives alive. (I do not do any treatments of any kind.) Anyway, in order to make the most efficient use of my time and gasoline, I am looking bring back extra nucs at $20 each for transportation (the nuc itself cost $96 each) to help defray the cost of my travel. I thought perhaps you or some of your members might be interested in getting some russian nucs this way. Feel free to forward this email. I can be reached by phone as well as email 815-474-0795.

Greg Rosenquist
Staff of Life Farms

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