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TopBar Beekeeping with Les Crowder and Heather Harrell DVD #49

DVD by Les Crowder

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In backyards and on rooftops all over the world the topbar hive design is revolutionizing the art and practice of beekeeping. With topbar hives the bees naturally construct their own wax combs rather than relying on prefabricated frames of plastic cell foundation in a typical boxtype hive. And topbar hives are now being used to raise healthy bees organically without the use of antibiotics miticides or other chemical inputs. In this instructive video New Mexico beekeeper Les Crowder shares his thirty years experience in developing best practices for working with bees in topbar hives. Les and Heather Harrell authors of TopBar Beekeeping Chelsea Green 2012 discuss everything from hive management techniques to how to harvest and process honey and beeswax to the best plants to grow for the foraging bees. The natural lowstress methods outlined in this video are perfect for home or hobbyist beekeepers who have the time and interest thats necessary

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