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Organic Beekeeping 101 DVD #51

DVD by Vineyard Productions

Last checked out by Abdalah Alwawi


Organic Beekeeping 101 focuses on raising bees the way nature intended. The purpose of the DVD is to enable anyone to become a beekeeper. Professionally filmed footage in a stepbystep format enables new beekeepers to establish and maintain their own hives using organic principles. Randy Sue Collins demonstrates how to start your own backyard hive from building the hive stand to collecting the honey. The DVD follows Randy Sue as she goes on a swarm call and starts new hives from scratch while closeup high definition video takes you deep into the workings of an active hive. The DVD also includes a forward that describes the plight of the honeybee in the United States and ways in which anyone can contribute to the health of the environment and the honeybee.This DVD is based on fully organic principles. Randy Sue believes that bees left to their own natural processes become their own pest control agents. Bees developing resistance to mites pests and fungus will survive

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