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Natural Beekeeping with Ross Conrad DVD#80

DVD by Ross Conrad

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The various chemicals used in beekeeping have for the past decades held Varroa Destructor a mite and other major pests at bay but chemical resistance is building and evolution threatens to overtake the best that laboratory chemists have to offer. In fact there is evidence that chemical treatments are making the problem worse. Ross Conrad flips the script on traditional approaches by proposing a program of selective breeding and natural hive management.This filmed workshop follows Ross Conrad through the dos and donts of natural beekeeping and offers practical information—including details on apitherapy the use of bee products in medicinal healing—every aspiring beekeeper needs to know. Including inthefield footage of the author and his hives and extensive information on: Beekeeping Equipment Tools and Clothing Bee Space The Basics of Honey Bee Biology Varroa Mites Biology Identification and Monitoring Varro

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