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Natural Beekeeping #117

DVD by Ross Conrad


To help promote his all-natural approach, 40 year beekeeper Jerry Dunbar participated in the creation of this video series - now on DVD - demonstrating his practices and the life cycle of a healthy colony of bees. Natural Beekeeping follows his narrative, augmented with HD footage of seasonal and hive behavior. Dunbar also introduces products that can be made from the healthy substances found in the hive - including mead, honey straws, propolis tincture and edible lip balm. Natural Beekeeping is perfect for the classroom, library, or daycare center (kids are mesmerized by the honey bees)... and will broaden the horizons of anyone interested in ecological, health, and nutritional matters. Included: - Beekeeping Intro - Hive Tour - Swarm Removal - Bee Package Installation - Adding a Honey Super - Triangular Bee Escape - Hive Jacker - Harvesting Supers - Honey Extraction - Packing Comb - Fall Feeding and Spring Inspection ...and more!

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