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My Hive Tool A Comprehensive Guide For Beekeeping #137

DVD by Thom Carey

Last checked out by Anastasia Cosby


In My hive Tool we follow three hives through their first year starting with ordering two packages of bees and a nucleus hive. Follow stepbystep as the hives grow into fullsize colonies. Learn what to do and when to do it. Even experienced beekeepers encounter problems; this video shows you these problems and their solutions. Disk 1 covers Honey Bee Anatomy and Basic Honey Bee Biology In Disk 2 we will build Hive Furniture go over Beekeeping Tools Protective Clothing and Bee Stings. Then we will install our Package Bees and Nuc Hive. We then follow each hives seasonal growth and development from new packages and nuc. Each seasonal hive management sections is followed by Step by Step reviews and Problems and Solutions. In Disk 3 we cover the most common Pests Diseases and Treatments. Disk 3 holds an Extras folder. In the extras folder there is a spreadsheet to help you keep records as well as an digital copy of My hive Tool for your tablet or smartphone. Disk 4

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