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BackYardHive DVD: Alternative Beekeeping Using the Top Bar Hive and The Bee Guardian Methods #84

DVD by Unknown

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The BackYardHive DVD demonstrates how to care for bees in your backyard. The DVD demonstrates stepbystep howto sections on where to place your hive how to find bees for your hive how to install your bees how to work in your hive and how to process your honey. We teach you how a beehive works together how its organized how to tell different kinds of comb apart and how to know if your hive is sick or queenless. Chapters include 1 Features of the Top Bar Hive 2 The Location of the Hive 3 Setting up Your Hive 4 Finding Bees for your Hive 5 How to Capture a Swarm 6 Introducing Bees into the Hive 7 About the Bee Colony 8 How the colony is Organized 9 Working with the Bees 10 Adventuring into the Hive 11 Single Comb Harvest 12 Processing Honey 13 Fall Preparations 14 Fall Preparations 15 The Future

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