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The Quest for the Perfect Hive: A History of Innovation in Bee Culture

Book by Gene Kritsky


Beekeeping is a sixteenbilliondollarayear business. But the invaluable honey bee now faces severe threats from diseases mites pesticides and overwork not to mention the mysterious Colony Collapse Disorder which causes seemingly healthy bees to abandon their hives en masse never to return. In The Quest for the Perfect Hive entomologist Gene Kritsky offers a concise beautifully illustrated history of beekeeping tracing the evolution of hive design from ancient Egypt to the present. Not simply a descriptive account the book suggests that beekeepings long history may in fact contain clues to help beekeepers fight the decline in honey bee numbers. Kritsky guides us through the progression from early mudbased horizontal hives to the ascent of the simple straw skep the inverted basket which has been in use for over 1500 years from hive designs Golden Age in Victorian England up through the present. He discusses what worked what did not and what we h

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