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Swarm Traps and Bait Hives: The easy way to get bees for free. #2

Book by McCartney M Taylor

Last checked out by N. Bednarek


The definitive guide to catching free bees using swarm traps and bait hives. A comprehensive how-to for beekeepers. Based on the fact that bees will occupy a cavity of about 40 liters, a swarm trap is made to create the ideal space for a wild swarm to occupy. Thereby the bees come to the beekeeper so that the beekeeper doesn't have to go hunt swarms. Some Chapters: 1 - Why Trap Swarms? 2 - Trees 3 - Biology of Swarming 4 - Swarm Names 5 - History 6 - Alternatives to Traps - Catching swarms 7 - Building a Swarm Trap - The Hanging Box Type 8 - Baiting a Swarm Trap 9 - A Note for Non-Beekeepers 10 - Times for Swarms 11 - Safety 12 - Using GPS 13 - Legality 14 - Disease 15 - Location 16 - Expectations 17 - All Good Things Must End

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