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Safe to Chew: An Anthology #165

Book by Wicwas Press

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The success of this collection will be measured by whether or not you find yourself smiling with a tilt of your head and musing to yourself I never would have thought of that. Certainly this is a new and ambitious undertaking for Wicwas Press. Our focus and notoriety in recent years has been on information surrounding the industrious beloved mysterious honey bee and the art of its keeping. Weve met with thousands of beekeepers authors scientists and enthusiasts all of whom have been drawn together by a spark of curiosity and inspirationand inspiration takes many forms. Within these pages we have attempted to capture and cultivate that inspiration in a series of essays poems and stories around the theme of beekeeping. Our contributors are not necessarily writers or beekeepers though many are or will soon find themselves both. We invited their participation in the first ever Wicwas Press anthology with the belief that every beekeeper has a story to tell and we were not di

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