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Increase Essentials#91

Book by Lawrence John Connor

Last checked out by James Price


This book explains why and how beekeepers can use increase nuclei to solve problems in the beeyard and use them to winter colonies and provide a reliable source of fresh bees locally acclimatized queens replacement hives and colonies for operational growth or sale. Connor draws on the concepts of Langstroth Doolittle Brother Adam Mike Palmer and more while integrating his unique academic and commercial beekeeping experiences into this concise and thoughtprovoking second edition. Adding more methods of making increase colonies and recent developments in the science of bee biology the second edition expands on its predecessor with rich colorful photography and diagrams. In less than a decade the beekeeping industry has made a widespread shift to increase nuclei colonies as a means of producing new colonies in the face of heavy losses from poor nutrition pesticides virusmite interactions and general climate change.

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