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Free Bees: The Joy and the Insanity of Removing and Retrieving Honey Bee Swarms #158

Book by Grant F.C. Gillard

Last checked out by Marva King


Want to start keeping honey bees? If you are struggling to get started in beekeeping you know it costs a ton of money to buy all the equipment. Shipping charges are increasing every year. Costs continue to go up. Bees in certain times during the season are in short supply. But during the spring you can line up to acquire your bees for free Yes the bees are free but there will always be a cost in terms of your time and motivation. But the good news is those costs are relative. And the GREAT news is that you can catch swarms of “free” bees without incurring the outofpocket cash costs of buying a package of bees or a nuc. You can catch free bees to replace winter deadouts. You can catch free bees to expand your apiary. You can catch free bees to increase the number of locations where you keep bees or even expand your hives to start a pollination service. In a nutshell you don’t have to buy bees and incur the outofpocket expenses that hold a lot of hope

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