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Creating Candles #164

Book by Luisa Sacchi


Projects continued: felt candle, perfumed paper and leaf candle, scented lantern, threaded wax egg candle, confetti candle, pastel flake candle, wax bowl candle, Japanese lantern candle, powdered moss candle, scented sand cocktail candle, Africa-inspired candle, wooden inlaid candle, autumn candle, holiday candle, gift candle, golden candle, honey pot candle, marble candle, flowered sphere candle, lace candle, his and her candle, Valentine's Day candle, fading orange candle, metallic netting candle, multicolored layered candle, cutout shape candle, Easter egg candle, illuminated stone candle, snow star gel candle, New Year's eve candle, first snow candle, cocktail party candle, fancy gel candle, barnyard candle, frog candle, daffodils in gel candle, marmalade candle, sea glass candle, spinning confetti cup candle, mimosa candle, gel rose candle, frothy beer candle, rainbow gel candle, flower in oil candle, murano glass candle, mosaic candle, batik candle, pudding cake candle, fruit preserves candle, bean candle, toy figure candle, gel centerpiece candle, leafy gel mug candle, rose wineglass candle, 3-d heart candle, river stone candle, pearl necklace candle, rustic candle, flower bucket candle.

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