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Bees: An UpClose Look at Pollinators Around the World #178

Book by Sam Droege

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While we eat work and sleep bees are busy around the world. More than 20000 species are in constant motion They pollinate plants of all types and keep our natural world intact. In Bees youll find a new way to appreciate these tiny wonders. Sam Droege and Laurence Packer present more than 100 of the most eyecatching bees from around the world as youve never seen them: upclose and with stunning detail. Youll stare into alienlike faces. Youll get lost in mesmerizing colors and patterns patches and stripes of arresting yellow or blue. Whether you linger on your first close look at the Western Domesticated Honey Bee or excitedly flip straight to the rare Dinagapostemon sicheli theres no doubt youll be blown away by the beauty of bees.

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