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Beekeeping Resources
List of useful links and suggested reading material
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Education Boxes
WillBees maintains three Education Boxes that are freely available for our members who want to present bee-related topics.
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Extractor Rental
Members can rent our club honey extractor.
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Lending Library
We have curated a collection of over 175 books, videos, and wax molds that are available for active members to borrow. Search and browse all items, reserve in advance.
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Local Honey Sellers


Pollinator Partnership
Pollinator Partnership's mission is to promote the health of pollinators, critical to food and ecosystems, through conservation, education, and research.
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American Beekeeping Federation
Heartland Apiculture Society
IL Bees and Apiary Program
Links at the top of the page will provide you with the rules and apiary registration form.
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IL State Beekeeper's Association
National Honey Board


Bee Culture
American Bee Journal

Services for Beekeepers

Tomasik Grove Bee Products & Gifts
Offers custom or pre-made generic marketing items including labels, logos, packaging, brochures, and the like.
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Cut Out Agreement
This document is a starter for making your own contract between a beekeeper and a property owner related to performing cut-outs, bee removal, and other services. This document was not crafted by a lawyer and may not be suitable for all locations or purposes. It is not legal advice.
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Insurance for selling honey or bee related products starting at $250 a year. Ask for Bill. I'm also a member of Will Bees
Phone: 815-254-7900
Email: Bill@parinsurance.com
PAR Insurance Services
14722 S Naperville Rd
Suite 116
Plainfield, IL 60544
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Free site for hive record keeping for computer /phone. Can use QKR code on hive to fill out inspection form on site. Other features includes local beekeepers on map.
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Meyer Bees
Minooka, IL. 815-521-9116. Owned by Dave Meyer (WillBees member), Meyer Bees is a Mann Lake authorized dealer and stocks a complete line of beekeeping supplies at their Minooka warehouse - woodenware, wax and plastic foundation, tools, suits, feed items, treatments, bottling supplies, etc. Local honey, package bees, nucs and queens also available. There is a showroom onsite for browsing / purchasing products.
Phone: 815-521-9116
2021 Holt Road
Minooka, IL 60447
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BuzzWorthy BeeWorks
Manufacturer and supplier of beekeeping equipment in Lockport, IL. 10 and 8 frame equipment, assembled and unassembled
Phone: 815-600-9633
17755 S Gougar Rd
Lockport, IL 60441
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Equipment Sales
Find local woodenware and bee equipment producers.
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Register your apiaries and avoid pesticide sprays in your bee yards.
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Mead Making
Presentation and instructions for a very simple mead (honey wine) using commonly available equipment.
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Guide to Bee Keeping
The History of Beekeeping, An Introduction to Beekeeping, Choosing and Setting up a Beehive, How to Start Beekeeping, Collecting Honey from your Beehive, Storing and Selling Honey, How to Protect your Beehive from Pests and Diseases, Local Rules and Regulations, Useful Links
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Organic Gardening Resource Center
What to plant and when? Simply enter the date when you anticipate frost in your garden. Indicate whether you'll be using a season extender such as row cover.
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Bees, Hornets, and Wasps of the World
A comprehensive visual guide to common flying stinging insects and their place in the world.
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Tools for Varroa Management
All beekeepers should remain vigilant to detect high Varroa mite levels and be prepared to take timely action in order to reduce mite loads. Effective mite control will reduce colony losses and avoid potential spread of infectious disease among colonies.
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Labels for Honey Jars or Bottles
An infographic featuring interesting stats and tips such as the reasons behind CCD syndrome, how to prevent it, and how to label your honey jar.
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21 Buzzworthy Facts About Bees [Infographic]
Facts and figures about the state of honeybees in the US today.
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Monitoring Mites
A method to count mites using an alcohol wash.
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Races of Bees
A description of the types of honeybees and the distinctions between them.
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Practical Uses of Beeswax
A breakdown of some of the ways beeswax can be used.
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University of Illinois Pollinatarium
Visit this Urbana-Champaign pollination exhibit and support it with your donation.
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Member Marketing

Member Marketing
These members offer products or services. The descriptions and links here are not moderated, and WillBees takes no reponsibility for their content.
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