Amy's Simple Salve/Lip Balm Recipe

Makes approx. 20 standard lip balm tubes (3 oz. total)

Medium saucepan
Cheese grater
1 cup pyrex pourable measuring cup
Popsicle sticks for stirring
Clean paper (filler paper/copy works great)
20 clean, dry Lip balm containers (.15 oz), or containers totaling 3 oz.

4 T Beeswax
4 T Coconut oil
8 drops Vitamin E oil
8 drops Almond. Oil (optional)
1 tsp honey (optional)
several drops of Essential oil of your choice (optional)

First, have ready, palm sized chunks of rendered beeswax. 1 oz. molds work perfectly if you have them, or just break wax apart yourself. Next, fill your saucepan with approx. 2" of water and put on stove over medium heat. Use cheese grater to grate beeswax over clean surface. Firmly pack 4 T of beeswax and drop into Pyrex cup. Measure and add 4 T of coconut oil. After that is ready, you can bring water down to a simmer and place Pyrex cup containing oil & wax inside saucepan. While the mixture is melting, set up your tubes or containers over a piece of clean paper in a convenient fashion for pouring in your lip balm mixture later. Occasionally stir oil & wax just until melted and clear (about 5 mins.). Immediately, remove from heat. Now, stir in your vitamin E, almond oil, & honey. Carefully pour contents into individual containers and allow 5-10 minutes to cool and harden before capping. Shelf life is approx. 3-6 mos. Enjoy!

Mixture ratio of wax to coconut oil can be changed according to personal preference. More wax = thicker consistency.

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Lip Balm Photo