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Member Survey 2013-05 - Meeting Format

Posted by: Unknown on Friday, June 28, 2013 at 12:00:00 am

Member Survey Results - May 2013

The results of the survey that over 50 of you participated in at our May meeting are available for review. Rather than hold a traditional meeting, the room was organized into cells of 8 chairs around a table, and members were encouraged to spend the entire two hours with other members: sharing, learning, exploring

I joined WillBees:
To save money with group buying power
To learn from other members
To learn from guest speakers
To teach/share with others
To be part of a community
To sell products/services to its members
The association meetings should:
Address business more quickly
Bring in more expert speakers
Share more bee research/news/events
Offer more time for members to converse
Be run with a specific agenda of topics
Be less formal
Provide snacks/coffee
I feel the Board:
Understands what the members want
Is out of touch with our needs
Should involve me in more decisions
I could be more involved:
In the organizing of topics
In giving presentations to members
In presenting to schools/clubs
In providing hands-on services/mentoring
In writing articles/searching the web
... but I feel other members might put me down
There are other members that:
I spend time with outside of meetings
I borrow equipment from
I loan equipment to
Speak inappropriately about some topics
Make me feel personally uncomfortable
Seem to always be helping others
[The freeform] meeting format:
Is the way it should always be
Is nice occasionally, but prefer the structured style


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