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Association Minutes 2012-02-15

Posted by: Unknown on Wednesday, February 15, 2012 at 12:00:00 am



Old business

Treasury report

Education segment

Committee formation

- Public relations

- Snacks

- Education

- Field trips

- Vendor contact

- Mentors

Open Forum

New business

Show and tell


introduce the white board

Introduce officers

Welcome new members-how to become explained

Review of January bee class

Map out municipalities that are bee friendly - call for volunteers

Business cards for wcba are available

Package bee orders due in about 5 days -see Mark S.

Web site demo:

How to access web site

Can do digital polls

Profile area to edit your info

Member list only available too members - optional

Forum - member to member interactions

Treasury report read by Marge T.

Education segment - David Loy

Driftwatch -notifies beekeepers of chemical spraying in the area

Would be advantageous too let you local farmers know about Driftwatch

This is not a legal requirement, but most are willing to comply.

Flyers are available on-line to print off to post and hand to farmers.

Beekeepers are required to register their bees with the state. Forms on IL state agricultural website.


Looking for those who would be willing too head these committees:

Public relations


Education topics

Field trips

Vendor contact:

Possibility of buying honey jars in bulk. Darien tallied those who use certain types of jars


Open forum:

  • Joe R. Has a box of printed material and will put on back table for anyone to take
  • First group to meet after meeting will talk about what is needed to set up a hive.
  • Some members may be willing to set up a meeting to make hive parts.
  • Another committee may be organized to share their capabilities and Talents

Show and Tell:

  • Mike Rusnek demonstrates and showed clear inner covers. Advantages are that inspections can be done at any time of year. To make, Lexan is better than plexiglass. Candyboards can also be made this way, to allow viewing anytime.
  • John Kiefner brought in a super of fermented honey. Left supers on for winter and some bubbled and fermented.
  • Bill Lorch shared that if the bees strip the comb off foundation it cannot be used again. Brought a frame in to show.

Adjourn and Break out to mentoring groups


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