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Board Minutes 2012-01-04

Posted by: Unknown on Wednesday, January 4, 2012 at 12:00:00 am

In attendance:

Previous board: Joe, Leon, Beth, Andy, Darien, Tony, Bill

New board: Darien, David, Marge, Andy. Mike, Steve, Bill

Bylaws need to be completed

  • Draft to be delivered by Joe R by Feb 4
  • New board will review, revise and ratify

Organization 501 c 3 status

  • What is our actual status and registration number
  • Are we permitted to use software donated by Accrisoft to manage our website

Website discussion

  • Permit members to find each other and post messages
  • Should we open a PayPal account to facilitate receipt of monies?
    • PROS: Saves time, provides accurate records, instantaneous
    • Cost 2.2% per transaction + $0.30
    • Mark feels PayPal would be a good option to consider 
    • VOTE: 4-3 against (Andy, Mike, Bill, Steve?)

Telephone number established 630-552-6BEE 

  • Free from Google Voice
  • Outgoing message accepts voice recordings
  • Transcribes to text
  • Sends by email to multiple recipients
  • David Loy (VP) will accept calls if the load becomes too high for Darien (P)

January Bee Class

  • Almost full
  • Speakers will be paid $155 travel. $120 lodging, $125 food = $550
  • VOTE: All agree
  • Paid by check immediately following class
  • Donations have been solicited by vendors

Future Board Meetings

  • Handle by telephone conference when convenient
  • Members need 2-3 days notice to select a date/time
  • Meet more often

Mentoring Meetings

  • Cook DuPage has regular meetings first Sunday of each month at McDonalds in Hinsdale
  • We can suggest members meet there
  • We can form our own mentoring schedule and location
  • Get feedback from Members

Package Bee Sales

  • No determination if WillBees will be offering package bees to our membership this year
  • Future years we can accept pre-orders via the website

Meeting Adjourned


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