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Need Help with new hive

Posted by: David Johnson on Sunday, May 29, 2016 at 10:48:00 am

My husband built a warre hiave and a friend who raises Bee's said he thought he should start the hive. He started the hive at his home with three pounds of bees and at some point the bees began building their cones outside the hive. He had to put them inside at some point so in that process we lost quite a few bees.

The Bees were transported to our home as soon as he saw brood and there were two and one half cones started. They have been with us for almost a months and we see bees occasionally at the entrance. 

Our problem now is ants, the hive is setting on cinder blocks and thier are ants in the hive and when we checks there was only about 100 -give or take of bees in the hive,

Can anyone give us sugesstions? Should we add more Bee's? The ant problem?

Our first backyard hive and I am feeling very concerned.


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