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Agenda 2016

Tentative Meeting Topics


  • Guest Speaker: Master beekeeper program w/Tony Gedritis
  • Mentoring meetings (Mike Rusnak)
  • Member benefits review
  • Photo project (made into calendar)
  • Buying club (Public Google doc)
  • Mailing list for hands-on opportunities
  • Education: State of the Beekeeper (Overview of changes in the last year)


  • Top bar hives exploration
  • Guest Speaker: Apitherapy w/Dr. Frank Yurasek
  • Nosema (sample collection)
  • Education: Setting Up an Apiary


  • Nosema (microscopy)
  • Beecheck.org, Dept Ag Registration
  • Education: Bee Friendly Planting
  • Education: Package Install Methods; Spring Feeding
  • Education: Marking Queens
  • What is this? Dissecting the Flow Hive


  • Member stories: Installing packages in cold weather - what works, what didn't
  • Education: First month after package install
  • Education: Swarm prevention via splits and other methods
  • Speaker: Beekeeping Insurance (Bill Rademacher)
  • Observation hive show and tell: Bring your observation hive
  • White board poll: Winter survival rates
  • Time permitting: Inspection tips, tools, and tactics


  • Education: Performing Cut Outs
  • Education: Catching swarms
  • Education: Swarm trap basics (panel discussion)


  • Education: Honey Supering
  • Education: Pest Protection and Mitigation
  • Education: Mite checks
  • Education: Extraction Methods and Considerations


  • Picnic 
  • Education: Hands-on Activity [?]


  • Education: Oxalic acid (Bret Wright)


  • Honey tasting
  • Education: Winter Prep, Mite Treatments


  • Mead workshop
  • Education: Winter feeding, the winter cluster


  • Education: Hive Repair
  • Education: Winter Equipment Storage


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