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2019 Package Bee Orders

Published Tuesday, November 27, 2018

package beesWillBees does not sell package bees. We are making this information about others who do sell package bees available to you as a convenience. All orders, payments, and questions must be directed to the sellers themselves. More sellers will be added as they are made known to us. Last updated 28-Nov-2018.

A few general notes about package bees: Unless otherwise specified, they usually come from California, through Wisconsin. They are usually Italian. Cages typically become your property and there is no deposit or refund for their return. Delivery dates can vary from mid March to late May. Work with your seller regarding notification and pickup windows. Because bees are livestock, once you take possession, they are yours and any failure to thrive or loss is usually your responsibility.

Mike Lakomek

3 pound packages for $105.00. Delivery is last week April. I am local. Mikelbonus@gmail.com or 630-514-1706 to order.

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