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2018 Package Bee Orders

Published Friday, January 19, 2018

package beesWillBees does not sell package bees. We are making this information about others who do sell package bees available to you as a convenience. All orders, payments, and questions must be directed to the sellers themselves. More sellers will be added as they are made known to us. Last updated 26-Jan-2018.

A few general notes about package bees: They almost always come from California, through Wisconsin. They are usually Italian. Cages typically become your property and there is no deposit or refund for their return. Delivery dates can vary from mid March to late May. You will be notified a few days before the delivery date and it is your responsibility to be available during the delivery window at the location specified by the agent. Because bees are livestock, once you take possession, they are yours and any failure to thrive or loss is your responsibility.

Andy Koning, WillBees Member - Homer Glen, IL

$122.00 Pickup at Will County Farm Bureau or in Homer Glen mid April.
koninghp@aol.com or (815) 485-4211 to order before April 1.

Dave Meyer, WillBees Member - Minooka, IL

2018 early spring 3 pound package bees with mated and marked queen @ $120
5 frame NUC with mated and laying marked queen, 2-3 frame brood, 2 frames honey/pollen @ $150
Queens from local survivor stock available spring, summer and fall from our queen mating yard in Minooka (all queens are marked) @ $35
We are a Mann Lake Authorized Dealer – contact us to locally purchase supplies from their catalog
dave@meyerbees.com or 815-521-9116

Larry Studer Package Bees - Gurnee, IL

A limited number of packaged bees are being o ered again this year. The northern California producer will again be providing northern hardy mated queens from a selected hygienic honey bee stock. The stock will arrive in early May to northern Lake County, IL, depending on the production conditions. Three pound packages are offered at $148.00 each. There is no added shipping cage deposit required.

larrystuderbees@gmail.com or 224-280-3070

Larry Studer Nucs - Gurnee, IL

Our five frame nucs generally consists of a frame with honey, three brood frames with some honey and pollen, and one frame of foundation to be drawn out as the colony expands to that area. Our nucs are produced on deep, 9 1/8" frames, with plastic foundation. In special situations we can offer a conversion to medium, 6 1/4" frames, with plastic foundation with some advance notice.

5 Frame, Spring Produced Nucleus Colony with marked Carniolian VSH Queen
Quantity pricing 1 to 9 Nucs = $200 each; More than 9 = $180 each; Limited Availability

larrystuderbees@gmail.com or 224-280-3070

Jim Blough, WillBees Member

3 pound bee packages for $135.00. Call Jim Blough at 815-419-8445 for more information


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